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schneider+schumacher covers all stages of work, from initial design through to detailed design and overall planning. Our architectural approach is characterized by the enjoyment we have in finding solutions to the complex demands of today's buildings. We adapt our buildings to fit into their surroundings, yet we also create landmarks. Pragmatic poetry, nurtured not only by design clarity and a conscientious attitude towards the task in hand, but also by a delight in fine details.This design process is constantly informed by the dialogue that takes place on a daily basis between the various professional disciplines in all our departments and offices.

1988 formation of schneider+schumacher
c. 150 employees, and over 100 buildings of all kinds of categories
Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by DQS GmbH
Member of German Sustainable Building Council (GeSBC)
Member of Aktivhaus+ e.V.

Produits et services

schneider+schumacher stands for professional execution of new buildings, refurbishment, modernization and maintenance. Our focus lies in the detail design, tender process, project supervision and on time schedule, quality and cost control.

Projects are executed and managed with high design quality in mind. schneider+schumacher all in all has 5 divisions with different focuses:

  • schneider+schumacher Planungsgesellschaft mbH
  • schneider+schumacher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH
  • schneider+schumacher Design GbR
  • schneider+schumacher Parametrik GmbH
  • schneider+schumacher Städtebau GmbH
Extension Mannheim Business School, Mannheim/Germany

Extension Mannheim Business School, Mannheim/Germany

The castle’s former boiler room and its coal cellar are currently undergoing transformation to provide newlecture theatres for the Mannheim Business School (MBS). The future foyer will be located at entrance level to allow barrier-free access to the theatre. From here, a generous staircase leads down into the double-height forum. At mezzanine level five group rooms are reached via a gallery, enjoying views out over the top of the lecture theatre, toward the castle garden.

FAIR Accelerator Facility, Darmstadt/Germany

FAIR Accelerator Facility, Darmstadt/Germany

The Darmstadt based FAIR (Facility for Antiproton Ion Research) intends to build an international accelerator facility. The practices DGI Bauwerk and schneider+schumacher were able to convince those responsible that they could deliver the optimal design and realization. A total of 20 buildings for experiments, laboratories and plant rooms are scheduled to be finished by 2022. On an area of almost 150,000 m² the scientists will research matter, the origin of the universe and its development.

DOXX - Quayside Development at Mainz Customs Port, Mainz/Germany

DOXX - Quayside Development at Mainz Customs Port, Mainz/Germany

schneider+schumacher's design for the redevelopment of the quayside at Mainz customs port combines a myriad of requirements in one distinctively shaped building. DOXX is not simply a residential building with a portion devoted to commercial use. It will act as a pivotal project in remodeling this custom harbour area into an attractive neighbourhood. The distinct shape of the building and the decision to raise all residential accommodation to the upper floor levels is central to this concept.

Nouveautés & innovations

The wave – Bringing together urban design, architecture and art 

The new design for the external space belonging to the office development “die welle” (“the wave”) is an urban design measure with an architectural context and an artwork.

Even from far away, the new sculpture in the office complex “die welle” draws attention to itself, inviting further exploration. It was the name of the complex that sparked the initial idea for schneider+schumacher’s design.

The architects decided to take this concept further and at the same time, to explore it in more depth: in the form of a three-dimensional wave that not only defines the space and attracts attention, but also by creating an inviting place where people will want to be, therefore revitalizing the area.

The resulting aluminium sculpture consists of six elements that flow, wave-like, through the entire length of space that runs between the main buildings. Three of these elements prise themselves away from the floor as arches of differing heights: „diving arch“ (7 m high), „glorious arch“ (18 m high), „joyful wave“ (7 m high).

In the design process, certain geometric rules had to be followed to allow the shapes of the arches and edges to be later manufactured. This meant employing a parametric system, to transform the initial sketch on paper into a geometric form, so that it could be more easily implemented in practice. Using a computer programme, this parametric design meant that the building elements could be optimised and then tested, to check how they affected the system as a whole. Working with the engineers Bollinger + Grohmann, static principles were integrated into this system. This resulted in a detailed construction plan, which formed the basis for the ensuing crafting process.

Communiqués de presse Contacts

Poststr. 20A
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Téléphone: +49 6925 626262
Fax: +49 6925 626299

Joachim Wendt
Executive Director
Téléphone: +49 170 5428210

223 Xikang Road Donglong Youbang Plaza 2nd Floor
200040 Shanghai
P.R. China

schneider+schumacher Architekten ZT GmbH
Schwedenplatz 2/24
1010 Wien

schneider+schumacher Architects Design Consulting Ltd.
Hexi District, Dagunan Road Henghua Building No. 2, Room 908
300202 Tianjin
P.R. China

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