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Solarkiosk is a highly optimized kiosk with solar panels on top. Once installed, it becomes a compact, affordable and sturdy shop offering energy, products, tools and services.

There is an estimated 1.5 billion people world-wide that are not connected to an electrical power grid. The most effected groups are rural communities. Solarkiosk was designed to be an off-grid solution for sustainable energy provision: It substitutes extremely expensive unclean energy with low-priced and clean solar power and gives access to information for future growth of rural communities.
The Solarkiosk is designed as a kit of parts, to be assembled at its target location. The kit’s packages are light-weight and thus transportable to remote areas. While the electrical components are manufactured centrally, all others can be made of local materials such as wood, adobe, stone, metal or even recycled goods.

So far 107 kiosks in ten countries have been installed with circa 802 500 people impacted.

Exhibitor: GRAFT Architects

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