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The wave – Bringing together urban design, architecture and art

The new design for the external space belonging to the office development “die welle” (“the wave”) is an urban design measure with an architectural context and an artwork.

Even from far away, the new sculpture in the office complex “die welle” draws attention to itself, inviting further exploration. It was the name of the complex that sparked the initial idea for schneider+schumacher’s design.

The architects decided to take this concept further and at the same time, to explore it in more depth: in the form of a three-dimensional wave that not only defines the space and attracts attention, but also by creating an inviting place where people will want to be, therefore revitalizing the area.

The resulting aluminium sculpture consists of six elements that flow, wave-like, through the entire length of space that runs between the main buildings. Three of these elements prise themselves away from the floor as arches of differing heights: „diving arch“ (7 m high), „glorious arch“ (18 m high), „joyful wave“ (7 m high).

In the design process, certain geometric rules had to be followed to allow the shapes of the arches and edges to be later manufactured. This meant employing a parametric system, to transform the initial sketch on paper into a geometric form, so that it could be more easily implemented in practice. Using a computer programme, this parametric design meant that the building elements could be optimised and then tested, to check how they affected the system as a whole. Working with the engineers Bollinger + Grohmann, static principles were integrated into this system. This resulted in a detailed construction plan, which formed the basis for the ensuing crafting process.

Exhibitor: schneider+schumacher

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