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Our internationally active office devotes itself to the planning and construction of buildings in the health care, research and social housing sectors, as well as town planning for the private and public sectors. Our goal is to create modern buildings which positively boost working and living spaces. To us, architecture means understanding and arranging spaces whilst focusing on people. To a large extent, the designs of Nickl&Partner are based upon the actions and needs of people who work, live and receive health care there. Their wellbeing in addition to the perfect, functional interplay of flexible spatial designs and exciting materials is our key concern when performing our work. We rank among the leading architecture firms in Germany in the fields of medical facilities, clinics and research institutes. Our specialist expertise in the fields of technology and building materials is extensive and our innovative concepts have proven themselves over a period of more than 3 decades.

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From the very beginning, medical buildings have been one of the central themes of our office. Over the years, the expectations regarding hospital construction have changed. Medical, economic and socio-political influences and objectives are constantly setting new focal points. Our architecture should not blindly follow these trends, but set its own stylistic accents and lend expression to our concept of patient-friendly healthcare. This is why getting to grips with the current developments in the healthcare landscape is a matter of course for us. In the hospital as a living world, flowing indoor landscapes take the place of dark corridors. They are divided into open light-filled meeting places, small intimate areas for retreat, open green spaces and quiet workspaces. But what all these spaces have in common is that they are part of a living world where conversations – intimate talks, as well as those between colleagues – are encouraged.
Haunersches Children´s Hospital at Großhadern Campus, Munich

Haunersches Children´s Hospital at Großhadern Campus, Munich

A new world opens up in the “New Hauner” paediatric centre. Children, young people, parents, new mothers and staff will find a world of play and work interspersed with green islands within the building’s clearly defined boundaries, which are aligned with the structure of the surrounding Grosshadern campus. The New Hauner will be integrated into the landscape of the Campus. The first impression of the building will thus be positive and help to dispel any anxieties associated with a hospital stay.

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital, Vienna

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital, Vienna

The KFJ is an example of a 19th-century pavilion layout, in which patients were treated in small buildings surrounded by parkland. This design restored the site to its original configuration. The pavilions have been linked, roof gardens added, and the park made public. The design meets functional requirements, and the interaction between the architectural spaces creates a lively and positive sense of movement. The floor plan allows the hospital to expand without disrupting its structure.

D-BSSE Laboratory and Research Building, ETH Zurich

D-BSSE Laboratory and Research Building, ETH Zurich

D-BSSE, a new laboratory and research building on the Basel campus of the Zurich technical university, was intended as an unmistakable statement of the institution’s identity. A deliberate decision was made to build not a landmark skyscraper, but a subtle, sustainable addition to the urban fabric whose scale matched that of the adjacent children’s hospital rather than overshadowing it. The result is a six-storey building with a central atrium in a prominent position within the city.


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